Friday, March 24, 2017

God, King and Country

Hi everyone.

It has been a while since I last posted. The reason for that is I have been working on my new youtube channel called God, King and Country.

My reason for being on the Internet is simple: to aid the Counter-Revolution to the best of my ability. For me, what I can do to fight the Revolutionaries, is claim some territory on the Internet.

The importance of the Internet can not be exaggerated as it is more influential than any media source that ever was and in the case of the Internet it can not be controlled as newspapers or television can.

That is why I started this blog and finally I am able to announce that I have a youtube channel as well. Why is a youtube channel important? Well when one studies the ways in which society was changed by the Revolutionaries, one sees how much influence art and especially lately music had in changing public opinion.

My youtube channel will be for that very purpose; to use music to change public opinion. The reason it is named God, King and Country is because the videos I will make will be of Religious, Monarchists and Folk or Traditionalists nature.

People who love Traditional music I believe are often discouraged because Folk music is difficult to find and often one must know other languages to find some of it. I have been a fan of Folk music for many years and have found quite a bit of it. So hopefully I will be saving those who want to listen to traditional music some trouble.

Now that I have started this channel, I want to work on it and get it going fast. So I would like to tell everyone that I won't be posting on The Contemporary Traditionalist blog regularly until after Easter. I probably will post a few before Easter but I will be mostly working on youtube during that time. If you want to be informed when the next post comes out, you can subscribe to this blog via Email using the "Follow by Email" gadget.

Here is a link to my youtube channel

If you like the videos please like, subscribe and share them with your liberal friends who need some Tradition in their lives.

As Traditionalist Counter-Revolutionaries we need to start using the methods of Revolutionaries. We need realize that no matter how much we argue about why Tradition or Monarchy according to philosophy is correct, people generally won't care. However using art to convey loyalty and love of the past may covert people to the ways of Tradition.

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